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Equipment Shelters & Metal Barns For the Modern Farm

What makes a steel barn better than a stick-build or some old other wooden barn? Steel is actually a superior barn building material in basically every category you can think of!

  • Safe Protection – Nothing protects your animals, equipment, or other items better than a rugged steel barn!

  • Multipurpose Use – With plenty of clear-span space and customization options, you can use a steel barn any way you want.

  • Minimal Maintenance – Steel is easier to clean, doesn’t rot like wood, and is engineered to last much longer than wood.

  • Avoids Pest & Fire Threats – Termites, mold, & other pests aren’t an issue with steel, and steel also happens to be inflammable.

  • Cost-Effective – Steel buildings come at a competitive cost per square foot, and they can help to lower your property insurance costs, too.

Got a farm or agricultural business? Or maybe you just a need a dependable backyard barn building? Metal Building Experts provides the best metal barns. Our tough USA steel barns are far better than those made from wood, and each is precision-crafted to meet your exact needs!

Custom Superior Quality

Metal Building Experts construction is built with high-quality, residential-grade tubular steel for strength and durability you simply won’t find elsewhere! Fire-, rust-, mold-, and termite-resistant, it’s easy to see why steel is an ideal choice for these types of buildings.

When you purchase a metal building from Metal Building Experts, you’re not just getting a quality product. You’re also getting the best customer service and experience in the area. Our experts are well-versed in the design and construction of a variety of metal buildings and will work directly with you to construct the perfect metal building to meet your exact needs, and at an affordable price.

Custom Features

  • Rollup (Canister) Doors
  • Overhead (Sectional) Doors
  • Overhead (Commercial) Doors
  • Fiberglass Insulation
  • Moisture / Condensate Barriers
  • Horizontal & Vertical Siding
  • Up to 60’ Widths & Unlimited Lengths
  • Commercial Grade Panels
  • Heavy Duty Framing Options

Additional Investment Options

  • 12 Gauge Steel framing is available on all models.
  • 24 Gauge Steel paneling is available on all models.
  1. Item available through 3rd Party Supplier only in select markets.
  2. Framed Openings and additional steel supports are available to be installed in order to accommodate 3rd Party supplier add-ons such as overhead doors and openers.
    (Additional Engineering for specialty load conditions may be required.)

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