It’s one thing to know you need a metal building, but it’s another thing altogether to know exactly what size is best for you. Many people forget to think about the specific dimensions they’ll need for their carport or garage. That’s actually the most important part of the entire design process. At Metal Building Experts, we’ll walk you through everything and help you decide exactly what dimensions are best for you.

Popular Sizes for Prefab Metal Buildings

We offer any size prefab metal building you need here at Metal Building Experts. However, we understand that you may not know what size you need yet. Here is a list of our three most popular metal building dimensions categories: 10’x10’-30’x40’, 30’x40’, and 40’x60’+.

Here’s a quick summary of each size and their uses to help you get a better understanding of what each size can do:

1. 10×10 – 30×40 Metal Buildings  

Most of the steel buildings we sell have dimensions between 10’x10’ and 30’x40’. The 10’x10’ building is the perfect size for most garden and equipment sheds. You’ll never have to worry about rain and harmful UV rays ruining your lawnmowers, weed-eaters, or leaf-blowers. The larger-sized buildings in this category can be used for more than just storage. They make great workshops, home gyms, and even home offices.

2. Around 30×40 Metal Buildings

The 30’x40’ metal building is our most popular size. It is big enough to store your vehicles and still gives you plenty of room to work or provide extra storage. While it provides plenty of room, it’s also small enough that it won’t take up your entire yard. Do you need your space to be more open? That’s not a problem at all with this size, because it’s ideal for clear span buildings. The structure is small enough that no large support posts would be required in the center.

3. 40×60 Metal Buildings or Larger

These extra-large metal buildings work great as storage areas for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses. The possibilities for this size building really are endless. You can use these large buildings for grain harvests, farm equipment, for protecting large vehicles like RVs and campers, and for using as retail and warehouse spaces.  These are also great sizes for woodworking shops, home businesses, and fellowship halls too.

Knowing Your Size Means Knowing What You Need

What do you plan on using your metal building for? The size you need can be entirely dependent on what the use will be. For example, someone looking for a garden shed needs something entirely different than someone wanting to make their steel building their home. Whatever it is, we can design a metal building that will meet your needs.

Here’s a list of the most common uses and sizes that customers have used our metal buildings for:

1. Steel Hangar Buildings

Steel hangar buildings are designed to store various types of aircrafts and perform maintenance on them. These steel hangar buildings can also be designed to have office spaces and waiting areas built in. The most popular sizes for metal hangars are 30’x40’ (our overall most popular size), 40’x60’, and 40’x80’.

2. Commercial Metal Buildings

Metal buildings make great commercial buildings. They’re low maintenance, budget-friendly, and can be customized to match your business’s colors. The most popular sizes of commercial metal buildings our customers’ purchase are 30’x50’ (slightly larger than our most popular size), 40’x60’, and 50’x100’.

3. Steel Church Buildings

As congregations grow, the need for space does, too. Metal buildings make great church sanctuaries, as well as fellowship halls, and auditorium-style venues. They are budget-friendly and highly customizable, which are both major benefits. Several of our steel buildings have been turned into churches. The most popular metal church dimensions that have been used are 40’x60’, 50’x100’, and 80’x150’.

4. Auto Repair Shops

Anyone who has ever worked in an auto repair shop knows that these buildings need to be able to handle some serious wear and tear. Metal buildings are extremely durable and have super low maintenance. Both of these factors make them great auto repair shops. Some of the most popular sizes we sell for this purpose are 30’x40’ (our overall most popular size), 50’x100’, and 80’x100’.

5. Riding Arenas

While riding arenas might seem like a niche application, steel buildings are fantastic for this purpose. They can be customized to your shape and size needs. And the most important thing about these buildings is that they have clear span possibilities. So, there will be a large open space without any support poles in the way. Some of our most popular sizes for this purpose are 100’x300’, 150’x250’, and 60’x200’.

6. Metal Barns

Steel buildings are the ideal choice for barns. They are rust-resistant, pest-resistant, fire-resistant, and mold and mildew resistant. They are also basically maintenance-free, which is a big positive when you run a busy farm. Whether you’re storing equipment or animals, anything inside your structure will stay far from harm’s way. The most popular metal barn sizes we offer are 30’x40’ (our overall most popular size), 40’x60’, and 40’x80’.

7. Metal Building Homes

Since metal buildings make great barns, they make even better houses. You’ll never have to worry about creepy critters, mold or mildew, or the expensive repairs that can come with a wooden home. Metal homes are also an economical option; they’re much cheaper than a stick-built home. The most popular metal house sizes we sell are 30’x40’ (our overall most popular size), 40’x60’, and 50’x100’.

No Dream is Too Big or Too Small for Metal Building Experts

Metal Building Experts provides you with the best steel buildings and has a large selection of metal building sizes. Thanks to our high-quality materials, excellent manufactures, and phenomenal building specialists, we can guarantee you’ll get your dream building, no matter how big or how small it may be. Our building specialists are on call and are ready to help you whenever you need them. If you think it’s time to take that next step and see what a quality provider looks like, call Metal Building Experts today at +1 (336) 710-0424!

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