Do you need a metal building for storage or extra space? Are you on a tight budget? If this sounds like your situation, Metal Building Experts has the solution for you! We offer high-quality metal buildings at competitive prices. And listen to this – if you’re a handy person, we have an even better deal for you! You can save even more money with one of our fantastic metal building kits for sale. You will be able to do-it-yourself and still get the same amazing product at a price you can afford!

What Are Steel Building Kits?

Everyone knows what we’re talking about when we say “metal garage” or “carport,” but sometimes the idea of a metal building kit can be confusing. They shouldn’t be, though. Instead of imagining the fully constructed metal building, you should imagine its individual pieces. Prefab metal building kits are the puzzles of the metal building industry. All you have to do is put the pieces together, and voila! You have a brand-new metal building!

The Pieces of the Puzzle

In order to put a puzzle together, you need all the pieces. Steel building kits from Metal Building Experts come with everything you’ll need to bring your metal building dreams to life. There’s no need to worry about missing framing or not having the roof paneling. We guarantee that our building kits will come with all the parts you need and are convenient and easy to assemble.

Here’s what you can expect to get in one of our metal building kits:


You’ll have framing for the walls, as well as the frames for the windows and doors. You’ll also have any braces and supports your unique structure needs.


Your kit will include paneling for both the walls and roof of your structure. If you have a Regular or A-Frame Horizontal roofed structure, the roof paneling will be horizontal. If you have a Vertical building, the roof paneling will be vertical.

Nuts, bolts, and screws

If you don’t have what you need to fasten the building together, you’d be out of luck. Don’t worry! We provide all the nuts, bolts, and screws you’ll need to secure everything together.

Building plans

It’s important to have your blueprints, so we provide you with multiple sets of the building plans that have been stamped by our engineers.

Customization features

Plan on ordering any extra windows, doors, trim, or insulation? If so, that will all be included in your metal building kit.


We won’t leave you high and dry at Metal Building Experts. We’ll give you detailed instructions that explain exactly how your new building should be assembled.

There’s Nothing More Versatile Than Steel

The possible uses for our metal building kits are endless. We’ve seen our customers get creative in the past. Here are some of our favorite ways to use these versatile structures:

  • Stable
  • Auto repair shop
  • Dog groomer’s facility
  • Art studio
  • Home gym
  • Animal feed storage area
  • Farm equipment storage area
  • Poolside cabana
  • Home theater
  • Greenhouse
  • Restaurants
  • And so much more!

Why Are Metal Building Kits So Great?

When you choose to buy a steel building kit, you get all the benefits that come with our regular steel buildings. Your structure will be fire-resistant, pest-resistant, mold and mildew resistant, weather-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. There are even more benefits when you choose a metal building kit:

  • You’ll save money! Metal building kit prices are discounted because you’ll be handling the installation process yourself.
  • You’ll save time! There’s no need to schedule your day around an installation crew to arrive; you can assemble your building whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • You’ll test your DIY skills! There’s nothing better than the satisfaction you get from hard work. Putting your metal building together yourself will make you feel accomplished and successful.

Each Kit is Unique to You

You won’t be getting a cookie-cutter structure just because you’re buying a metal building kit. You will be able to completely customize every aspect of your new metal building. We promise you that your metal building will be uniquely yours.

So, just what can you customize?


You can decide how wide, long, and tall your new structure will be.


Your building can be completely open-air, partially enclosed, or fully enclosed.

Roof style

There are three roof options to choose from: Regular, A-Frame Horizontal, and Vertical. Each one has its own benefits, but a quick summary is that Regular roofs are better for your wallet, Vertical roofs are better for areas that experience frequent severe weather, and A-Frame Horizontal roofs are better for areas that experience moderate weather.


Your wall paneling can be 14-gauge (the industry standard) or 12-gauge (our extra durable option). Roof paneling follows the same idea. The industry standard is 29-gauge, while the more durable option is 26-gauge.

Doors and windows

We offer different kinds of garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows to meet every need.


You can choose to have a ground, gravel, asphalt, or concrete foundation. While we don’t lay the foundation for you, we have anchors for each of those types.


This is the best part! We offer numerous color options, so the possibilities are endless. We have everything from neutral beiges, to bright reds and blues. We can help you find a color to compliment the structures on your property or find something to make it stand out on its own.

Make the Best Decision for You

There are lots of things to consider when you decide to buy a metal building kit. Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself before you begin the process:

What’s your budget?

This is a really important question to ask yourself. Metal building kit prices are highly dependent on a number of factors, so deciding on a specific budget will help you stay within your means. Our building specialists can help you design a metal building kit to fit your budget, no matter how big or small it is.

What kind of building do you need?

It goes without saying that you need to know what you are going to use your metal building kit for before you buy it. There are some big differences between metal barns, metal homes, metal garages, and retail spaces. You’ll want to make sure you design a metal building kit that will meet all your needs.

Will your needs change?

You may need more space in the future if you’re planning on having children, changing careers, or starting a home business. There are so many factors that can affect your metal building needs. We highly recommend making a list of all those factors you may face.

Quality Produces Quality

Metal Building Experts is the best manufacturer of metal buildings and metal building kits. Thanks to our high-quality materials, excellent manufactures, and phenomenal building specialists, we can guarantee you’ll get your dream building. Our customer service representatives are on the line and ready to help you whenever you need them. If you’re ready to see what a quality provider looks like, call us today at +1 (336) 710-0424!

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